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    Remember how Romney went around the country for two years telling everyone that he could create jobs because, after all, he was such a great manager?  I'm beginning to think that he may have been the worst manager of any Presidential campaign since...since...who knows since?

    By the summer the campaign was just lying like hell.  I'm not talking about issues, I'm talking about how the campaign was being managed.  
    Proof: They were lying about money.  They were combining Romney donations with RNC donations and were making it look like he was ahead of the Bomber when, in fact, he was 40% behind.  They knew it and they just lied about it.  
    Proof:  They lied about polls.  They knew that their 'internal' numbers were bullshit.  They knew that the Bomber was going to get every living Black vote that was out there.  How could they not know that?  
    Proof:  They ran the worst, the dumbest and the most boring friggin' convention in the history of conventions and they blew an opportunity to show a really good video about Romney on prime-time television because Romney wanted to kiss Clint Eastwood's ass.  How many votes did Eastwood have?  Last time I checked he had the same number as I had: one.
    Proof: They let the Bomber use Sandy as the grand finale of his campaign and didn't even have Romney anywhere near the area.  Why?  Because the campaign was so badly managed that they figured oh well, there aren't any votes in Jersey anyway.  Now what would Christie have done if Romney had called him up and said look, I'll be there tomorrow, please meet me at the tarmac.  But he didn't.  Does anyone remember 1992 when Clinton - the candidate - ran down to Florida and was photographed sharing the pain of the Hurricane Andrew victims while Bush - the President - was pictured sailing his boat at Kennebunk?  The economy stupid didn't win the election for Clinton, those two photos did.
    This guy Romney wouldn't know how to manage himself out of a paper bag.  As my father used to say, 'Most businessmen make money despite themselves.'  


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