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View Diary: All of my Elected Representatives Are Democrats (Woohoo!) (34 comments)

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    cardinal, Newzie, Dbug

    None of my representatives, except the Presidentg and Vice President are Democrats. Senators (Cornyn and Cruz), Representative(Conoway), Governor (Perry), Lt. Governor (Dewhurst), State Senator (Duncan), State Representative (Darby), Mayor (New), City Council (Alexander), County Judge (Brown), County Commissioner (Ford), Sherriff (Jones). All of them, and I'm not even listing things like Judges, Court of Appeals Justices, State Supreme Court Justices, State Board of Education, etc, but trust me they are ALL Republicans!

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      Newzie, texcap, Dbug

      nearly that bleak. On the positive side, my state senator is Wendy Davis (Tarrant County, SD-10). She won in this Republican-leaning district by blowing her opponent out of the water with her intelligence and political skill.

      My House rep, Kay Granger, is very moderate and reasonable to those who know her, but unfortunately she toes the party line in Congress. And Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price is a perfectly acceptable moderate Republican. It gets worse from there very quickly, though.

      Grew a mustache and a mullet / Got a job at Chick-Fil-A

      by cardinal on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 10:40:20 AM PST

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