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  •  We've always been center left...... (2+ / 0-)
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    in modern history.  As long as we vote.  All the other perceptions about 'permanent' conservative majorities and center-right b.s. (what does that mean, when the Republican party is to the right of John Birch?), occurred only because the left is pretty awful at showing up.  

    The irony:  we have tons of room to grow our majority.  We did spectacularly well in the last two cycles and yet the room for growth of left-of-center voters is still to be developed.  If the left understands that we have to undo 30 years of damage and build different 'truths' into our political discourse that will take us at least a decade, we'll be fine.  If we don't demoralize ourselves into not voting we can accomplish great things going forward.  

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