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View Diary: Is the ground--at long last--finally shifting out from under the religious right's feet? (201 comments)

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  •  I work around young people (6+ / 0-)

    and there have always been many evangelicals among them. There is a decided shift going on.

    I would not say they are abandoning social issues. I would say they are shifting on what they think they should be focusing on and are turning towards social justice issues.   I think this scares the snot out of conservatives because FOX & Co. frequently make snide comments about social justice like it is a liberal blasphemy.

    Many of these young evangelicals are flat out rejecting this obsession of the traditional evangelicals who endlessly focus on abortion and gay marriage.  As one of them told me last semester "there is nothing in the gospels about either of those issues but poverty is mentioned over and over again, We are called to help give voice to the powerless."

    Lets hear it for them! That student seriously made me happy.

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