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  •  Hungry for more (2+ / 0-)
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    Brit, Creosote

    I want to see the father in jail, not the son so much.

    I don't think that the son knows how to do anything besides what he learned at his daddy's knee. So the criminal son, by my understanding of the saying "like father like son", implies "like son like father".

    Maybe I ask too much to hope to see them both in jail, but I'm convinced they are both guilty as sin.

    Still, I am grateful for all the progress so far in making both their lives miserable as they contemplate their futures.

    And most grateful for the excellent reporting we continue to get here from the Murdochgate team.

    •  Rupert is too insulated (4+ / 0-)

      The father has long since learned to stay just far enough out of the fray not to leave any fingerprints. Not likely there will ever be hard enough evidence to indict him. The son, however, has been more front line and is already up to his eyeballs in this. He's only remained clear because apparently some people have chosen to believe -- or so far acted as if they believe -- that he doesn't read emails from his closest advisors or listen to them when they brief him on paying out unprecedented sums of money for corporate malfeasance. Besides, James is a big boy and responsible for his own actions regardless of any lessons learned at his Daddy's knee.

      •  agree about Rupert. (2+ / 0-)
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        Creosote, Woody

        No need to actively engage, encourage or condone.
        Or he had to do was passively create standards which could only be met by this conduct.
        Brit shows how he engaged in journalistic life-threatening and ending tactics in Australia before his corporate success, stories unknown to his minions and forgotten likely by  him, given his fungible memory.....

        "Are you bluish? You don't look bluish," attributed to poet Roger Joseph McGough, for the Beatles' Yellow Submarine (1968).

        by BlueStateRedhead on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 09:24:25 PM PST

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