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    I know.  I'm such a complete sucker for this kind of stuff, it's pathetic.

    Ignore the numbers on the pages for these series of videos.  I found another set of these videos on YouTube and discovered the person who put the four I first found online had some mis-numbered because one was missing.  I think I have them in chronological order now (?).

    BBC CATS  Felines And Pharaohs

    BBC CATS The Aristocats
    Main Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats descend from the Turkish Angora cats, according to this video that mentions a DNA link...!  The Turkish Van cat, although similar, is a different breed, and it's the feline known as 'the swimming cat.'  At the end the tale of the Beckoning Cat is told, and it's the same story I heard from the person who gave me a Beckoning Cat as a gift many years ago.

    BBC CATS A Love Hate Affair
    Historical re-enactments of long-ago events that harmed many cats.  Sound effects and old drawings plus some re-enactment, but still gruesome.  Unfortunately, the reality was worse than the re-enactments.

    BBC CATS Pet Or Pest
    Reality sux sometimes.

    BBC CATS Cat And Super Cat
    If, like me, you can't bear the idea of declawing, avert your eyes or otherwise skip the declawing scene at a vet's about 20 minutes in until 23:40.  I didn't think they'd actually show it.  I saw a few seconds of this because I wasn't expecting it to actually be shown..., Eewwwww!  The American vet's attitude about declawing sux (and is cruel, IMHO).  I was quite happy to hear that vets in Britain won't declaw cats!

    In two different videos they mention that ginger cats came with the Vikings, but - maddeningly! - they don't say why or how they know that!

    Still, there's a lot of neat and interesting tidbits about cats here and there in the series.  Each show is about half an hour long.

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    by NonnyO on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 05:39:09 PM PST

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