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    Maybe the Project Orca team members weren't forthcoming with their failures and just passed along whatever metrics were available. This was a top-down enterprise run by a tight knit circle. Maybe bad news didn't find its way up the chain of command very well.

    Project Orca was apparently outsourced, cost a mint and was inadequately tested and rolled out to users with no real training. A real technological boondoggle. That doesn't sound like a lot of insightful management. I can only imagine the plight of the tech staff having to inform one of the lords of the universe currently involved in planning fireworks and canapes that their multi-million gadget was non-functional in several battleground states.

    •  But ORCA was meant only to GOTV (0+ / 0-)

      on election day, no? It wasn't their way to do insider polling before the election.

      (Not sure "insider polling" is the right word, but can't remember what it's called at the moment.)

      •  yes. that's correct. (2+ / 0-)
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        True North, earicicle

        Its profound mismanagement suggests to me an organization with the kind of dysfunction that could legitimately lead it to being genuinely "shell shocked". I'm not saying Project Orca misled them into thinking they could win. I'm saying in order to make the mistakes that led to such a clusterfuck of a rollout in such a critical and high-stakes situation there had to be some really bad management calls and some truly terrible communication between different parts of the organization.

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