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  •  I knew when I was four years old ... (5+ / 0-)

    ...  that my parents did not love me.  Even with all that came after that, what stands out is the pain of knowing I wasn’t loved.  As an adult, I realized the truth about my parents – they were stunted, incomplete people who were so limited that they were not capable of love.  

    How to deal with growing up like you and I did?  Time helps - it really does get better.   Let yourself love and be loved.  For me, nurturing equanimity through a spiritual practice is also helpful.  

    I hope you find the way to peace.  Blessings, dear Marina.

    •  Thank you Joy your sharing means alot! (2+ / 0-)
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      Yes it is a journey that requires work but as you say time helps the healing process. I did break the cycle in my own family. And one of my greatest treasures today is the love I give and receive from my own family.

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