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View Diary: Evangelicals get it; GOPers still don't (236 comments)

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    Killer of Sacred Cows

    because totalitarians, fools/tools & masochists are always constituents of the human species.

    Consider how often Republicans merely rename themselves (most recently "Tea Party") same game (false prophecy), different name (stationery, 'most romantic firearm', etc)

    For example, how long before cons demote the US Chamber of Commerce? They spent down USCC's already nebulous reputation in 2010, and 2012. Is there much left?

    But it's interesting to compare the costs and benefits of operating under a personal name like "Rush Limbaugh", "Octomom",  or "Michael Savage Ministries" to operating under a more disposable name like "Americans for Koch Brothers' American Future Prosperity", "Freedom Koch Brothers' America Prosperity for Prosperous Koch Brothers' Freedom of Koch Brothers' America"

    -- the people are the leaders

    by in on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 01:55:33 AM PST

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