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  •  More about the land theft, (3+ / 0-)
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    from Joshua Foust. He's talking about Tarok Kolache here:

    Perhaps most troubling was Flynn's decision to hand the power of land title to the District Sub-Governor. This man now has the power to assign property values, set boundaries, and enforce ownership, all in an area where there previously was none. Land reform can be a good thing, especially in a country like Afghanistan where land disputes can produce appalling violence. But in the midst of a massive campaign to "clear" an area of Taliban insurgents, the process will likely go with little or no U.S. monitoring. If this Sub-Governor is miraculously one of the few local Afghan politicians who is not corrupt, he now has so much power, and so many incentives to abuse it, that corruption seems guaranteed. Flynn's reconstruction funds and land redistribution effort are clearly well-intentioned, but, unfortunately, only the Sub-Governor and those who can afford to bribe him will likely benefit.

    How Short-Term Thinking is Causing Long-Term Failure in Afghanistan

    We were clearly well-intentioned, he says.
    Rather than help the poor and erode corruption as intended, this plan could do the opposite.
    We had meant to help the poor. Robin Hood strikes again!

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