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View Diary: What's Happenin'? Occupy Sandy Week 11.15.12 (75 comments)

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    Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth' MA 8-28-12 3025 lo-res

    Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth'
    Morris Arboretum

    Back from several days of clean-up on the edge of Sandy's path.

    I was rather far from the worst-hit areas, in a community northwest of NYC that took a while to get its power restored when its power-restoration crews were diverted to harder-hit areas.  An annoyance for everyone, of course, but no one complained -- they knew others needed it more.

    Where I was, almost every home had at least one big tree down in the yard.  Some sections of forest had more than half the trees down, either through domino effect or because once one came down the wind could get in and wreak havoc with others no longer protected.  Areas that looked like God just stomped across the forests.  I saw several houses with chunks missing where trees had taken out living rooms, etc.  It'll take a couple of years most likely to repair the blatant damage, and a couple of decades for the visual clues to disappear.  And this was an area that came through the storm rather well, with bad winds but not much water (unlike Irene, which nailed them not long ago with major flooding).

    For those digging out in the hardest hit areas, my greatest respect and admiration.

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