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View Diary: Bush, Cheney back Obama's mandate on taxes (54 comments)

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  •  Ruth Marcus is an idiot (4+ / 0-)

    Obama has said that he wants to bump up the taxes on the high end for 5 years, and he was elected twice. The majority of the country wants him to fulfill this promise. Most folks know who's been getting the free ride, and know who are the real "takers" and "makers". They want change, and they want it right now, before it's too late. There was a pretty clear choice in this election.

    The only thing "delusional" is that Marcus is looked upon by the village as a liberal. She seeks the post of the late David Broder...the bowl of mush of a so-called Washington "pundit" that is willing to provide false equivalence in every article. Marcus is unreadable in my book, she brings no insight to the table at all.

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