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View Diary: I know you think praying at government events is normal, but it's really not. (302 comments)

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  •  Push the envelope by passing laws that require (1+ / 0-)
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    religious services to start with the Pledge of  Allegiance. when they object, ask why they hate America.
     ( reverse of what they do with prayer in Govt)

    •  except (0+ / 0-)

      the POA has been bastardized from the original with the "Under God" phrase, so many church groups seem just fine with reciting it.


      •  Well (2+ / 0-)
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        Pluto, BYw

        I can say for certain the hierarchy of the Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and Baptist would find the intrusion of a law forcing them to POA inside the walls of their churches an abomination to the sanctity of the church. we are talking about the Govt dictating a ritual within the church that is "God's sovereignty".   No way on God's green earth they would be just fine with it.

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