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  •  It could be a bigger issue that is outlined (11+ / 0-)

    here. According to Republicans and capitalists the thing that motivates people is profit. That is it, nothing else. Romney's people treat politics like a business, not a cause. A person who owns and runs his business acts very differently than a professional manager. In economics this is called the problem of agency. We saw very clearly in the banking collapse that the bankers and traders were more interested in their personal income than the health of the bank or the stockholders.

    Liberals on the other hand see people's motivation differently. They are committed to causes. They are willing to make personal sacrifices for a cause they believe in. Professional consultants can choose which side of the aisle they are on. But I have to believe that being a Republican staffer pays better.

    Remember a news story from a little while ago about Romney handing out bonuses to his consultants? I thought that sounded a little odd at the time seeing that Romney was behind. And the time to pay bonuses would have been after the election. Maybe Romney was trying to get his crew motivated with some money.

    Republicans and Democrats see people and the world very differently. We rely on excited volunteers to work for pizza to accomplish a shared goal. Republicans have to pay people to circulate petitions and phone bank.  

    ORCA failed because the programming team did not feel passionate about it. They just did a job that they got paid for. They were not emotionally invested. Our version of "skin in the game" is the dedication to a cause or movement. Look at the great work of Occupy Sandy. That is the kind of spirit we have in our party.

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