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    OK, I'll do this without looking.

    I know Austin will have all/almost all of said districts.

    There are 6 districts in Austin. 1 is Black, 1 is Hispanic. That leaves 4. I can't remember how many of those ended up being GOP in the set of maps that was actually being used (either 1 or 2). So I think 3 in Austin, although it could be 2.

    There are no White dem seats in Dallas County, Tarrant County, Harris County, or Bexar county. There are obviously no White Dem seats on the border. The only other place I can think of where there is a surviving White Democrat is Galveston - Craig Eiland. Now, I am not entirely sure that his seat is not below 50% white CVAP, but I am pretty sure it is.

    So I say 4 seats in total - 3 in Travis County and 1 in Galveston County.

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