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  •  You're right a storm is not partisan (1+ / 0-)
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    and I'm not suggesting it is.

    I'm not predicting a rise in progressive politics, per se.

    And yes, I'm sure that there is a lot of messiness in Occupy Sandy's operation. To get something off the ground starting the day after the storm, I'd give them a lot of credit. They are learning as they go.

    And I'm sure your friend is right that there are local established organizations that would have known what to do right away.  The problem is that Mayor Bloomberg was turning volunteers away and community organizations away, telling people to donate money instead.

    Even FEMA could have been here sooner; they were mobilized and ready to come in, but the Mayor told them that the city had it covered.

    I just think it will be a loss (for everyone) if people affected by the storm, and people volunteering in recovery, take away the lesson that government should be drowned in the bath-tub because other organizations stepped up when the city was slow to get it going.

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