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  •  MFP - stairs.... I can't seem to be able to travel (24+ / 0-)

    up, nor down, without hurting myself this week.  Last Sunday, after helping dad replace some smoke detector batteries (needed a ladder due to vaulted ceiling), we came over to my house to take care of the one in the living room, which is also vaulted.  I was carrying up the ladder and tripped over something and fell hard on my right knee.

    Yesterday, when walking down the steps from the kitchen to the family room.... I missed a step and twisted my left ankle.  I also twisted my back and hit my right arm.  My right foot still hurts where it was broken 12 years ago.....

    I also found out that one of my fellow contract employees has tried to throw me under the bus by saying he was slowed on his work because he had to help me understand some stuff about custom coverage and payclass...... Half an hour in two weeks time has slowed his progress on HIS work, my ass!!!!!!!!!!  There's no way in hell that what little time he took to explain what has happened to the old custom coverage table and the new payclass table slowed him down.......  The fact is that 1) he's slower than I am.  2) He took it upon himself to 'help' the fourth contract employee that's just not getting it and 3) he's been ill for the past month.  But, no.... none of that was brought up, only that he had to take a little bit of time to tell me, and the second contract employee, how these tables work.  It doesn't help that two of the senior 'real' employees see him as a 'golden boy' for some strange reason.

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