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View Diary: In Defeat, Expect the Religious Right to Get Louder (52 comments)

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  •  I'd like to see them fail. (3+ / 0-)

    I agree with Steveingen that had Romney been elected, the fundies' stage would have been set, and they would have their presumptuous fingers in every pie in the bakery.

    And with the original diarist, who makes a good call on the behavior we're likely to expect from the fundamentalist Christians.  They're an unhappy bunch to begin with, made more unhappy by losing a national election.  They should take the moment to self-examine.  Instead, they'll squawk.

    Obama's victory is in some part a rejection of their view of the cosmos.  It is their hope to graft their private limitations onto vast public policy.  They remain just as fierce as ever but their way up the mountain grows more steep in the modern age.  

    Refreshingly, many of their own kids are bolting from the bullshit and emerging as cosmopolitan, secular adults.  

    For example, on Sunday morning those kids hear idiot pastors damning homosexuals to hellfire but by mid-evening the same day, they've gone on-line and received a dozen perspectives countering the pastor's rant and suggesting that the greater world is significantly diverse, and that that diversity is good.  

    Here's hoping that trend accelerates.

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