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  •  wow...a lot of pickup opportunities for (0+ / 0-)

    Democrats in 2013 & 14 and a lot of seats for Republicans to have to defend...hopefully Democrats can take advantage of this opportunity with some strong candidate recruitment and voter mobilization efforts, especially in states where Republicans have so blatantly overreached, tried to disenfranchise voters and otherwise been jerks (OH, PA, AZ).

    Am wanting to disagree with you regarding Wisconsin. While Scott may have clawed his way into office, he's been nothing by a divisive jerk ever since and, yes, with the help of massive amounts of out-of-state money from billionaires was able to fight back the recall. However, the number one reason most voters gave after the recall election for not have recalled him was pretty weak...that they didn't think his actions, as partisan as they were, rose to the level of overturning the results of what they perceived as a free and fair election previously.

    You're right...Walker has demonstrated an ability to marshall the forces of the right wing to his advantage, but...surely...there must be some Democrat of stature in Wisconsin who can come across as much more reasonable and less divisive than Walker. What about Feingold?

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