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  •  Sorry to rain on your parade (2+ / 0-)
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    sewaneepat, cotterperson

    But the solar required to power a common household refrigerator or electric heat pump is simply not in most middle-class people's budget. Anything with big amperage is very not suited to solar. The inverter and batteries would have to be HUGE, way outsize.

    Now, I have had a house that was off grid and built for solar and used a small refrigerator box (no freezer) that was suitable for a solar system. I can't remember now who made them, but they were for people who installed solar. Small and superinsulated. Or I guess you could have a propane fridge.

    But it is not really feasible to suggest that ordinary households can install a solar system that will let them just seamlessly switch over the household to a solar backup.

    Solar is great for lights, computers, etc. but put in a compressor anywhere that has to be powered and you have a challenge. The draw when a fridge motor comes on is BIG.

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