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    Not only all this that you say so well, but also the general dynamic that low taxes lead to the stagnation of class, and quality of product. Without progressive taxation the game quickly becomes a rout as the escalating profits provide the means to monopolize. Who could invent a better mousetrap when acme mousetrap has the resources to destroy any startup with price wars. Where's the latest new cola company? They can't exist because Coke and Pepsi have the resources to give it away if they have to, to survive the competition of a start-up. Where's the new starbucks? How can they get off the ground when the behemoth corporation can just open up across the street from the flagship, losing money until the competition dies. Many people have just accepted a new order wherein "entrepreneurs" are just the latest incarnation of some multi-national conglomerate and not the bailiwick of mere citizens. We have to make a push to the average person that the free market is a dead end, an inevitable monopoly, without the sloping curve of progressive taxation. We have to disincentivize as a fundamental attribute of any capitalism, else we all end up with one or two colas, one or two burgers, one or two computers forever. Tax'em and let'em go galt. There are plenty of smart people waiting in the wings, wallowing in our current stagnation at a fraction of their potential, who'd be willing to make millions and happy to pay "more than 50%" in taxes on such exceptional income. This IS the problem of our era, where the class of people who create jobs are only there through ancestry and we've trapped the next generation of innovators in inescapable servitude to them.

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