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  •  A brilliant economic synthesis from Mark Sumner (4+ / 0-)

    And he should be roundly congratulated.

    One of the truly unsung heroic elements of the years of the Clinton boom and balanced budget period of the 1990s was the supreme sacrifice made by members of the Democratic House, many of whom knew that in drafting that budget plan in 1994, they were staring at the demise of their own political careers. One doomed House member was to become Chelsea Clinton's future mother-in-law.  

    It is astonishing that many years afterwards, the GOP still tries to take credit for that period of golden surplus, when in fact they had nothing to do with it.  It was that successful budget passage, at an enormous political sacrifice, in which the wealthy were called upon to pay a truly fair share of their lucrative incomes that, was at the core of the Clinton success.

    For decades, the GOP's other reality has made of Ronald Reagan, whose policies in fact, being unchecked by a Republican Congress under Reagan acolyte George Walker Bush (his father had the wisdom to call Reagonomics "Voodoo-Economics") directly led to the near-collapse of the United States in 2008, a sort of patron saint.  In this other world, Reagan created growth and all Democrats who followed him as Chief Executive, have attempted to suppress his supply-side trickle-down impetus "success formula," unless otherwise held in check by a GOP House.

    But nothing could be more breathtaking in its untruth.  Yet, until the great majority are made to understand at last that Ronald Reagan was never anything more than the plastic mold, as cast by one of his TV sponsors, General Electric, for the merciless raid upon the last of America's resources by plutocrats at the expense of everyone else--until in fact Reagonomics is ever henceforth viewed as voodoo-economics--there shall never be economic renewal for the many.

    First and foremost, President Obama must stick to his guns: the wealthy must now again pay their fair share.  Then let that "Explainer-in-Chief" Bill Clinton deliver a series of nationally televised town-hall meetings, held in different locations spanning the breadth of the country, again commenting upon just why it was that his administrations were noted for growth, surplus, and balanced budgets.  Former President Clinton, perhaps more than anyone else, knows all too well that trickle-down in fact means a collecting-up for the most avaricious of plutocrats, who in fact care nothing for the economic health of their own country.

    •  Can't rec this enough (0+ / 0-)

      You hit several nails right on the head with one blow.

      Bill Clinton is the perfect person to take this to the people. I sure hope that he does, as soon as his voice comes back from giving so many great speeches during the campaign.

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