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    ...Romney's entire campaign was a giant con game, from his bogus positions, which changed, changed back, then were revised, denied, recanted and resurrect at will. But he simply can't admit that he wasn't surprised because that, too, would simply expose him even more for the con man he was.

    My concern is that, while it was a con game by the biggest con man in presidential campaign history and he lost, being nothing but a shameless con man was successful on one level...he conned his way into contention, especially after the Joe Isuzu-like performance at debate number one (whereby he, essentially, said...never mind about everything said by me before, here's what we want you to believe about me now and here are some more promises...16 million new jobs...16 million new jobs...16 million new jobs....(in a job-starved was a Rasputen-like mantra that, apparently, worked with many people)).

    So, what scares me is that Mittch-A-Sketch may have given Republicans fodder to be just shamelessly more deceptive going forward...only more effectively. (That's the usual take from Republicans after election can we say and do the same thing, but more effectively?)

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