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  •  I don't hate these (those) people (12+ / 0-)

    I too, have relatives, colleagues, and friends who mourned on Tuesday.  But they need to let go of their delusions.

    I had what my daughter describes as a 'Dick and Jane' a childhood in a small Michigan town.  Loving extended family, rode my bike everywhere, penny candy at the corner store, roller skated to a public school that the community supported and paid to keep in the vanguard.  I wish every kid in the world could have those things.

    But as I grew older I began to look at to look more closely at my life compared to other people.  And I realized the cost of my life was paid for by injustice and racism.  I looked at my life and realized that it had flaws as well:  the gym teachers who abused girls for years and were never punished, the woman I worked with at the bank who was groped by the bank president on a regular basis (and was afraid to protest because she needed to feed her kids) the overt racism of the local Birchers. As a female, I ran smack into pay discrimination on the basis of gender; I sued my employer and won.

    I could have been one of 'those people' but I opened my eyes.  The world changes and if you refuse to accept that you end up bitter and frightened.  They have a choice; I hope they see that.

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