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View Diary: Breaking:Eric Cantor involved in outing of Petraeus (346 comments)

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  •  If you read both the Politico and WaPo articles (2+ / 0-)
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    librarianman, Cliss

    This is the sequence of events
    - Broadwell anonymously sends threatening emails to another woman whom she saw as a threat to her status with Petreaus
    - Woman tells FBI so they can find out who is threatening her
    - FBI investigates and finds that Broadwell is the source of the threats, that she and Petreaus are having an affair, and because of that she may have had access to some sensitive information
    - Two weeks ago an FBI informant/leaker contacts Rep. David Reichert and says he needs to talk to someone in Republican leadership about a possible security leak
    - FBI informant/leaker tells Cantor about the ongoing investigation
    - Cantor makes sure Robert Mueller knows about the investigation (he does)
    - DNI is informed on Tuesday and President Obama on Wednesday

    Given that I think the two real questions are:
    1) How long has the investigation been going on?
    2) When were they suspicious of possible security leaks? I will say the second they had suspicions of them the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) should have been looped in.

    I find it questionable that he didn't know until Tuesday night if the investigation has been going on for months. Even then, though, I don't think that is an Obama administration ordered cover-up but rather the FBI being super cautious about a sensitive issue being politicized during a heightened election season.

    The link to the politico article is in the post and here is the link to the WaPo article
    WaPo Petreaus article

    •  Gotta love it when the mistresses fight... (1+ / 0-)
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      But their affair must've been an open secret. He's a 60 yr old guy and, suddenly, he's spending lots of time with this young glAmazon, alone, "running" and "mentoring" ?
      Ya, right...

      I'm not shocked the FBI may have withheld info from the DNI, though.

      The FBI started this investigation after a series of threatening emails, from one mistress of the CIA director against another, newer, mistress--it's explosive stuff!!--they were probably investigating to see whether Petraeus was being coerced.

      And I never thought the CIA & FBI would allow the DNI to have serious oversight over their agencies. Isn't the position usually considered a paper tiger? With no budgetary control?

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