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    Mote Dai

    They are just kind of quiet.  A sizable number of the Desert Shield/Desert Storm cohort came from the Guard and Reserves.  These vets came home and generally resumed their lives from where they had left off prior to the war --  though not always. Some of the younger first Gulf War vets may have also subsequently served in Afghanistan or Iraq and may be included in that demographic.

    The first Gulf War was a short war and was hailed as the redemption of the US military after the Vietnam experience.  So the attitude of many Gulf War vets was to "suck it up" and move on, if they had problems as a result of their deployment.  However, just because a war is short, it doesn't mean that there aren't negative consequences for those who serve.  The first Gulf War vets experienced their share of PTSD cases and the elusive "Gulf War Syndrome". (Unfortunately, the military and VA took forever to recognize and address the "Gulf War Syndrome", despite the prior cautionary tale of Agent Orange and Vietnam. )

    Many first Gulf War vets may choose not to talk about their experiences because they may seem to pale in comparison those experienced by veterans of other wars (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan). However, the first Gulf War also generated its own gut wrenching experiences, including the possibility of SCUD delivered chemical or biological attacks.

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