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View Diary: The Heritage Foundation's DECLARATION OF WAR Against President Obama is not well-received (129 comments)

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    I often  use such standards of comparison (to Bush) to uncover, for myself, how very disrespectfully Obama has been treated.

    Obama won in a near landslide--a fear and hate based movement forms calling him a socialist, a fascist a traitor, an usurper BEFORE HE EVEN TAKES OFFICE. Before he does anything 'wrong'! (except for existing as a Black POTUS)

    Bush "wins" by fiat of the right -leaning SC.  Yet the Dem candidate solidly won the popular vote. And the disputed state is where his brother is Governor and where the attn General in charge of elections is the head of the Bush campaign. (conflict of interest anyone?).
    Yet there is not the same level of united grass roots opposition to Bush.

    I conclude that there is something about Obama that is unique that made them protest him from election day...hmmm what could that be?

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