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  •  All foreign countries seek to gain classified (2+ / 0-)
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    information by compromising high officials in the United States government.  The question is whether or not Paula Broadwell, or the other unidentified woman, sought to compromise David Petraeus at the behest of a foreign government?  And, since Paula Broadwell is alleged to have studied Arabic in Jordan at one time, a second question is whether Broadwell had contacts with Jordanians or other Middle East nationalities whose interests are incompatible with those of the United States?  A third question would be whether Paula Broadwell's Middle East contacts include any foreign leaders, such as Benjamin Netanyahu who actively interfered in the U.S. 2012 elections, i.e., by making political ads for Romney?  A fourth question would be whether Netanyahu's political support for Romney might have led Netanyahu to seek to aid Romney in other ways, i.e, a false flag operation in Libya that led to the massacre of the four Americans in Benghazi?  And the final question is, was anyone in the Romney campaign or in the Republican Party associated with Paula Broadwell or with the other unidentified woman?  I am just raising questions that should be asked by the various Congressional oversight committees, particularly given the fact that Paula Broadwell actually threatened the other unidentified woman over what appears to have been Broadwell's concern over her continuing access to Petraeus.

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