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    I am grateful for the service of veterans and the sacrifices their families have made.

    And as the mother of three American-German bi-national children I am also very grateful for the efforts of so many over the past 65+ years to create a European Union where wars like that will never happen again. I am grateful for the political commitment to peace that makes me confident that my sons will not be called on to fight our neighbors the way their great-grandfathers were.

    And in the spirit of Armistice Day, where the second of two minutes of silence is dedicated to those left behind, my heart breaks for all mothers and fathers who have lost sons and daughters to war.

    I really wanted to embed Neil Young's "Living with War", but Youtube won't let me since I'm in the wrong country.

    If anybody wants to do me a favor and embed it, I think it would be a fitting addition to this diary.

    Maybe just maybe our foremothers and our forefathers came to this land in different ships. But we're all in the same boat now. - John Lewis

    by bluesheep on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 07:58:45 AM PST

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