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    Ian Reifowitz, SoCalSal

    I want to commend you on a very thought provoking and well written diary.  It really made me reflect on a lot of things this morning.  I am of mixed race and grew up in a highly multi-cultural state.  I think that empathy must be taught to our children as does taking different groups' perspectives.    Loving someone...whether it be a partner, child, brother, sister....of a different race really helps with empathy.  When you love someone of a different race, you do not want them to hurt or be wronged in any way.

    Last year I took my young children to the Freedom Museum in Ohio and we talked at great length about the Underground Railroad.  What would it be like to be owned?  What did the pictures mean?  My children are Asian and I think it important to talk about their racial history too but to also understand the histories of others.  I would encourage everyone to go to museums to try to learn the mistakes of the past and why we must work hard to overcome the legacy of Manifest Destiny because it still lives on today in our country's fabric.

    You are discussing a very important and complex topic.  As Americans, we cannot fix what is not acknowledged.  Well done, keep posting!  

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