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View Diary: Insider post mortem on Romney defeat (20 comments)

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  •  They were robo-calling in the MD suburbs of DC (7+ / 0-)

    and doing so repeatedly. Now, my SO is a middle-aged white male who has a job in the defense industry, who voted for Reagan both times (yes, it took a while for me -- Anderson '80 and Mondale '84 -- to forgive him for that), so, on some voter screen, he might have shown up as a "likely" Romney voter. But he canvassed with me in 2008 for Obama, and donated only to Democrats for the past four years, all of which is public knowledge, Citizens United notwithstanding. IOW, they were throwing their (or, as is more likely, the Koch's) money away.

    For all their wasted effort, Montgomery Country, MD went 70% for Obama.


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