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View Diary: The First Shots Fired in the Coming GOP Civil War? (283 comments)

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    but I also think we should not be too quick to assume that if the split happens in this way, as is likely, that all of a sudden all of our Liberal/Progressive dreams will suddenly come true. Splitting the GOP like this does not automatically mean the Democrats become the dominant party for years to come. Why?

    I think a significant percentage of people who have voted D recently have done so because to align themselves with the same party that includes the Tea Party nutjobs (Michelle Bachmann, etc) would have been unthinkable. In other words the moderates in the Democratic party who are choosing to ignore Dennis Kucinich and the like for now (I realize he lost his race this year; trying to make a point here ;) ). If the ultra right-wing segment of the GOP (Herman Cain and others) does go through with their threat of successfully forming a Third party this will have the effect of bringing what remains of the GOP much closer to the center ideologically, which is where, as many diaries have rightly pointed out, the electorate in this country primarily lives.

    I expect if the conservative wing of the GOP splits off then we are likely to witness a Great Political Realignment, where Blue Dog democrats over time shift party affiliation to what remains of the GOP. In other words, the Bill Nelsons, Joe Liebermans, Orrin Hatches and Lindsay Grahams of this country will end up in the same party, leaving ultra conservatives in one party, and Progressives/Liberals in the Democratic party. This doesn't necessarily mean good news for Progressives as a more moderate GOP might cause the Democratic party to lose members.

    This said, all bets are off if the GOP splits into multiple factions. If THAT happens then they really are screwed...

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