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View Diary: Slate gets it wrong on "liberal schadenfreude." (290 comments)

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  •  WTF?... (10+ / 0-)
    Liberals need to pipe down.
    Dick Morris, George Will & the unskewed poll idiots needs to pipe down.  Gish galloping Romney never once piped down.  The Fixed News Benghazi fetish...that was certainly an instance of piping down.

    Bill O'Reilly & his Jim Crow rants.  Loved the way he piped down. that's a fella that knows from piping down.

     Relentless persecution of Nate Silver & Ole Miss campus riots...I loved the way they all piped down.

    Cram your "pipe down" up your ass.

    Leading up to this election, Republicans & right wing hacks screamed like drunken banshees 24/7 for a solid year.

    Pipe down?  I've got your "pipe down" right here.

    "You just gotta keep on livin man! L-I-V-I-N!" - Wooderson

    by wyvern on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 03:07:10 PM PST

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