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View Diary: Slate gets it wrong on "liberal schadenfreude." (290 comments)

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  •  They're misinterpreting "Schadenfreude" (12+ / 0-)

    Do they even realize why so many of us Obama voters are thrilled that Obama won? Do they realize why some of us are taking a lot of pleasure in pointing that out to the Republican/conservative establishments and the so-called teabagger heroes?

    It's because since Barack Obama was even elected President, the right wing has all but drowned this country into Civil War II: "We Hate Black People" Edition.

    Sure, liberals including Bill Clinton have always been the targets of hyperventilating, doomsaying, tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theories by the right. But only after a black man was elected to the Presidency did the right unleash all the simmering hatred of "The Other" which meant "Anyone not white enough, theocraticically Christian enough, or rich enough".

    Violence has either been threatened, or actually undertaken, against liberals. Calls to fire, or stop hiring workers in order to hurt the President have been prevalent. The right has lied, cheated, and stolen, figuratively and figuratively, to try and oust that damn "Scary Black Man".

    Election Season 2012 brought all the lies, the hypocrisy, the corporate media naval-gazing, the scurrilous attack ads, and the racial/ethnic/homophobic tensions to a boiling point. Conservatives were CERTAIN that 99% of the coverage of the race was dead wrong, and that not only was Barack Obama not going to be reelected, but he was going to be resoundingly defeated, and the "CommunistMarxistKenyanSocialistNaziHomosexual" Agenda pushed by Obama and his supporters was going to be flushed away in favor of Apple Pie, Old Glory, and God Bless America.

    Instead, the reality based community ended up being correct, and Obama not only won, but he won a "mandate". Republican extremists running for US Senate were dispatched with ease, to the point that the Democratic Senate Majority will GROW in 2013, much less disappear. And although the House will remain in Republican hands, a smattering of some of the most detestable "Tea Party" backed lunatics like Joe Walsh and Allen West are being sent packing after two miserable, disgusting years in office.

    Liberals aren't experiencing "schadenfreude" because Republicans are pissed off they lost.

    We're experiencing joy and excitement because the regressive, third-world policies that the Republicans want to pursue have, by and large, been solidly rejected by the American People.

    There may be some "rubbing it in" on our part, but after being told for at least four, if not the past 12 or so years, that we did not belong to the same damn country as the rest of the right wing fascists just because we have vehement disagreement with them on policies and social norms...don't you vapid assclowns at Slate and in the MSM think that we DESERVE a little chance to "spike the football"?

    Republicans do it all the time, and nobody calls them out for it.

    So Slate, and anyone else repeating a tired meme about "coming together" can suck it, and shut the fuck up.

    We fought hard, we fought for justice and equality, and we elected more people who care about those things than they could elect those who don't.

    We won. Enjoy the hell out of it.

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