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View Diary: The FL GOP's worst fear come true: Cuban-Americans in Miami swung hard to Dems in 2012 (144 comments)

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    Except for the exit polls, the rest is anecdotal. And exit polls are not always very reliable, especially for small sub-samples. But the exit polls were what prompted me to look at the precinct results, so they are at least worth that much! :)

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      but for the record the Bendixen exit poll surveyed 2,000 Cuban-Americans in Florida, a very large sample, and he has since revised his numbers and actually has Obama winning the Cuban vote, 51-49. His data also included an analyzation of the precincts in Miami-Dade, so its pretty safe to say Obama won the Cuban-American vote. This shift is mainly because of the President's shift in Cuba policy from what the Bush regime had in place. Cuban-Americans like myself overwhelmingly support unlimited trade and travel with Cuba. The hardline mentality is dying off with the old folks.

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