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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Murphy's lead over West narrows after unexpected partial recount (56 comments)

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  •  The ONLY way the media can be lured to be ... (2+ / 0-)
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    bear83, Sylv

    ... "fair and balanced" in solidly Red districts is to run an opponent against even the Congressional shoe-ins. Then SOMEone in the media SOMEwhere will pick the story up. It's an investment worth some DNC campaign money in every seemingly non-competitive race.

    Remember the Akin!
    In war and in competitive marketing, you enter the other guy's protected home turf ... to draw him out, offer him opportunities to make unforced errors and make him spend energy and money to defend himself.

    FORWARD to 2014: Win back the House. Build up the Senate.

    by TRPChicago on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 06:44:57 AM PST

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    •  Remember the Akin! (3+ / 0-)

      Indeed. I'm still mortified that Missouri voters pulled the lever for this Neanderthal more than 1 million times. OTOH, our white male Dem. Governor Nixon received more votes than Romney, who clobbered the Prez in this apparently racist state.

      •  yup all racism (0+ / 0-)

        nothing to do with Nixon being a moderate and Obama not being one

        19, CA-18 (home), CA-13 (school)
        Socially libertarian, moderate on foreign policy, immigration, and crime, liberal on everything else.
        UC Berkeley; I think I'm in the conservative half of this city. -.5.38, -3.23

        by jncca on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 01:34:20 PM PST

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