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View Diary: Conyers to Send Investigative Team To Downing Street ? (147 comments)

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  •  I certainly hope with all my heart (none)
    that this is going to do something that here in America we can't do.  For heavens sake we have got to do something to get this up and running.

    It is truly a shame that the American ppl can not see what we see.  I can tell you that a lot of ppl I have talked to are very pessimistic on this one.  The see dubya and cheney getting away with murder....and I mean murder.  This war has been a frace since it's conception.  I hold cheney and bush responsible for each and ever death and each and every wounded on both sides.  They should spend the rest of their lives behind bars.  The rest of the cabinet and undersecretaries as well.  They all are to blame.

    I only hope that we can do somethng to make it stick.

    •  Please don NOT forget (none)
      The  "Mistress of Evil", herself.  Condi Rice and the Mushroom Cloud Propaganda routine;  She absolutely HAS to pay for such a disgusting show of accomplice in this. "Miss Olive-OIL" and her "Planes As Weapons" gig in front of the whole world should not be allowed to pass without scrutiny, either.

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