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View Diary: Conyers to Send Investigative Team To Downing Street ? (147 comments)

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  •  Hear, Hear! (none)
    "Having a delegation visit the UK to get the facts is the kind of thinking I'd like to see more of from the Dems."

    The new foreign exchange program: Galloway & Conyers, LOL...

    Go For It, Mr. Congressman!

    •  heh. What a way to shame admin and court scribes (4.00)
      ... into delivering facts on important issues instead of waving them aside. The way the Dept of Hooey and their lapdog media tried to blame their respective failures on Newsweek was one of the most disgusting episodes of propaganda I've seen -- and the Bu'ush regime has crafted more than any administration in modern memory.

      That Galloway testimony was awesome -- maybe he could be brought back as a kind of governmental au pere to discipline the juveniles. I didn't think anything could cover up something the size of the Norm Coleman chicklets, but -- damnnnn! -- Galloway was brilliant.

      If he tag-teamed with Conyers the Repugs heads would explode en masse.

      Bu'ush agenda: ein volk, ein reich, ein doofus!

      by Peanut on Sun May 22, 2005 at 09:14:12 AM PDT

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