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View Diary: Conyers to Send Investigative Team To Downing Street ? (147 comments)

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  •  Graf 2 (none)

    Graf 1, simply not strong enough. We need more to make that argument.

    Conyers' approach is much  better imo.

    And when I say Frist I mean Dobson.

    by Armando on Sun May 22, 2005 at 01:37:20 PM PDT

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    •  Here's a perfect example (none)
      The aluminum tubes.  So low-level analyst gets everyone all excited that the tubes can only be intended for enrichment, because they are anodized.  Smarter heads say that's nonsense.  The Bushies latch onto it and won't let it go.

      Similar to the Niger forgeries, and Curveball.  Maybe the Bushies don't create the lies out of whole cloth, but the minute some possible evidence surfaces, they trumpet it no matter how flimsy, no matter how thoroughly debunked.

      "It's a slam dunk."  I consider that statement to be itself a smoking gun.  That was said in response to Bush asking, "Is that all you've got?" to Tenet's briefing on his WMD case.  That was Tenet telling Bush, "I found what you asked me to get--evidence to weave a case for going to war.  You (Bush) fear it is not enough to sell the American people.  I say, I'm a good puppy and deserve a pat on the head."  This is not a person of integrity reporting on what he honestly believes; this is a lapdog breathlessly telling his boss he has delivered, as ordered.

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