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View Diary: Conyers to Send Investigative Team To Downing Street ? (147 comments)

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  •  The treaties are important here (none)
    The second determination was put in there specifically to meet the requirements of the Kellogg-Briand Pact and UN Charter.  If the memo is true, then Shrub knew that the letter he sent to Congress in accordance with that resolution was false.

    If Shrub had already decided to go to war by 2002, then it means the whole affair over getting weapons inspectors back into Iraq was an elaborate farce.  Justice Not Vengeance has a great commentary on the memo here: Documents/Secret Memo 23 July 2002 comment.htm

    •  Howso (none)
      Bush openly and publically and publically voiced his desire to overthrow Saddam Hussein by any means necessary including  military intervention as early as 18 months before September 11th.

      His opinion and his desires were openly states before Al Qaeda even began its operations.

      In the summer of 2002, before he ever went to Congress of the United Nations he openly states that he intended to go to war with Iraq and had the constitutional power to do so without the United Nations OR Congress.

      Congress told them what they wanted to see before they would offer support for an invasion. He showed it to them. He asked the intelligence agencies to give them all the intelligence they had that could link Saddam to Al Qaeda , 9/11 and WMDs. They gave it to him. he presented it.

      He is not obliged to show them other intelligence. They did not obligate him to do so.

      Sorry nothing. absolutely NOTHING illegal was done.

      ALso, Kellog Briande is a pact, not a law, not a treaty, It requires the volitional support of the signatories, has no enforcement mechanism, has no supporting agency, has no punitive attachements, It requires the will of the nations involved to co-operate, but they can all make judgements to not utilize peaceful means when they are adverse to what they perceive as their own safety, national security, and self interest.

      As noted, Kellogg Briand has never successfully stopped military action, nor has ever successfully been used as a method of prosecuting a single nation for engaging in military actions. Neither has the United Nations charter. Claims of self protection have always enabled any nation to engage in military action.

      Getting the weapons inspectors back into Iraq was what Congress wanted to give Bush support to go to the United Nations. He gave them what they asked for. He continually stated that he did not beleive in that process and intended to go to war.

      Case closed. Nothing illegal, nothing impeachable no conspiracy. period.

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