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  •  ::hangs head in shame:: (16+ / 0-)

    it should be no mystery to the townies...nomandates is one of my favorite townies...let's look at what she does here for other kossacks...

    on her own she started the new diarist group...even though she was just a n00bie herself.

    in the real world she has become the precinct captain of her local Dem party...struggling against much apathy and disorganization to GOTV...helping to turn her county blue.

    she was member...and I'm sure a driving force of the awesome ONN series.

    she is one of three that brings us The Inoculation Project
    my favorite series...helping teachers and students in poor schools.

    she worked with the Election Diary Recuse team gathering hundreds of election diaries this cycle.

    she works with the Okiciyap (we help) group...she and a few others spent many hours providing supplies for the Isabel Community's school.

    on top of all that...she is a loyal townie and friend...I may have missed her birthday...but I appreciate her everyday.

    peace and hugs my friend.

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