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  •  Whatever the valid arguments may be (2+ / 0-)
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    Lujane, Neuroptimalian

    and I don't find them terribly persuasive, still:  your main argument that the Electoral College was responsible for your vote being "thrown away" because you were on the losing side of the ballot is a truly spurious line of reasoning.  National vote or E.C. vote, there will be winners and losers - indeed, that is an essential characteristic of democracy.  As winners or as losers, we must deal with that.  When you vote, it counts:  voting for the losing candidate is not "throwing your vote away" and has nothing to do with the Electoral College.

    I do think this diary is illuminating, however.  The most basic argument against the Electoral College seems to be the fear that my vote doesn't count as much as yours or that it invalidates voting in some states or others.  Whatever the more valid arguments against the system may be, I'm not persuaded by the "sour grapes" one.

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