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    I was a viet nam protester before I enlisted. There was that looming possibility of being drafted however. So though I was opposed to the war, I signed up, hoping that possibly the military knew more than I and that I was truly needed.

    Since the nations of the world never did fall, domino style, to communism as was argued at the time, i now realize the military did not know more than I did.

    Nevertheless, I served and am glad I did. What annoys me now is the number of people who routinely thank me for my service when, at the time, no one did. I do not mean you in this criticism, but I went to a wedding this weekend and my buddy from the air force thanked me. He also served, yet the phrase now seems so empty to me, as if done by rote like a prayer wheel or something.

    Perhaps, I have simply become too jaded by life.

    •  Interesting I have the same reaction (1+ / 0-)
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      I served 21 years in the AF.  I was at a meeting on Wednesday and started talking with a man there.  He had served 3 years, and suspect it was during Vietnam.  He said Thank you for your service.  I replied the same.

      Until you posted above, I wasn't sure why that seemed strange.  Although, I do prefer that than the other choices of avoiding discussing military service or out and out dislike.

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