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View Diary: The 2008 delusion we should not repeat in 2012 (155 comments)

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  •  With respect... your friend Jay is mortal (1+ / 0-)
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    The Jays of the world can cling as tightly to their bigotries as fiercely as they choose. That is not the issue. That is not going to change anything. The Jays of the nation are dying at a much faster rate than they are indoctrinating new bigots to their club. That's how progress happens over the decades and centuries. Jay is bitterly defending his dead-end. So-long Jay.

    The GOP is going to change because they have no choice. The math no longer allows them to use the white male vote to overwhelm the rest of the nation. The professional politicians - the people who want to win actual elections - can do the math. They also know how to string people along. Your pal Jay will be strung along until he dies or wises up. In the meantime, the Party leaders will look to establish a new demographic profile which can win.

    The problem for teh GOP is they are so over-reliant on their Southern Strategy they will have a hard time finding a new formulation. five decades of wedge politics has offended most of the population. This is a problem that will cause the GOP a lot of woe for a good number of years.

    As for this...

    In 2008 after Barrack Obama won the election many on this site said that the GOP were in their death throws as a party.
    ... I didn't hear those things being said then. On any given day someone somewhere is saying jut about anything. But 'death throes of the GOP' was not a common theme.

    Nor is the GOP in any death spiral today. Not in a two-party system it isn't. What is in a death spiral is the GOP as built upon the 'Southern Strategy'.

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