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  •  besides some of those same adults (none)
    do not care about anything but themselves..check out the child abuse of our country and how they deal with you see anything in the papers about this and their you see the broken bones and minds of the children and the cigarette burns on you see failure to thrive from not being you see any of those adults coming forth and saying anything about this..It is sad to hear allt he excuses from all of those adults....My heart breaks every time I see one of these clsoe up and personal..let alone war pictures...It is a bad world out here...everywhere...we are very fortunate that we do not see thsi kind of thing on a daily basis....I could go on and on about the bad things of which goes on our streets..the killing and happenings...You just happened to oick on the wrong one on this case..  Have you see brain matter out of the nose and ears of a child who has been beaten?  Come on now..want to get serious...I see shit like this.  Have see this kind of thing since I was 18 years old in the medical field...hell no you do not see it on the fornt pages of any is toooooo dangerous for our kids to see..some might even bed doing it to those kids...who knows...Hey, this is a war zone..not some picnic....shit happens...and yes we should be seeing this and other things on the front pages of our newpapers ...All we see is dubya and is Lts. doing all their gastly deeds on a daily basis..frankly I am just so sick of seeing his face on the pages of our newspapers and the lies he tells on any given topic, that I could did...ths is why I do not watch the cable news or anything such as that anymore...They have lost my respect...if anything is needed to be learned, I come here to find out about it.  Besides I am usually way to busy saving lives to give a shit about dubya and how he is tearing our world apart....

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