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  •  I want to address thsi with you futher. (none)
    Many years ago, I took my parents to the orthopedic floor at Bethesda.....naval hospital this was in 1964 or 65, just can not remember the year father could do nothing but cry...I had to take him out to the lobby for him to gather his senses about himself.....When one who is not knowing of all the pain involved in all of this madness, then one should get educated in it... I am very sure he could tell you a thing or two about his will never know the courage and pain and the integerity of these men and women in all of this...I am only afraid that this administration will let those same kind go and not get much more than the basics....oh I am sure some will get the best...but for the most part..those others will go home and still struggle with their always we all do.....but we owe them way too much to give them the short end of the stick...Where is this administration putting allthe money for the VA to do thier good.not in the VA...they are putting it abck into the pentagon to make mroe wounded and sorry stats for us to cry over...if it is not Iraq, it would be someplace else...that is the way this administration thinks...It means mroe for the likes of Hillaburton....etc....
    •  The current neglect and apathy about veterans (none)
      is exactly what we faced when we came back...1972, Nixon vetoed a portion of the Readjustment Act because it was "fiscally irresponsible"; two weeks ago, supplemental funding to allow the VA to adequately deal with all of the injuries coming out of Iraq was cut from the budget...sigh...

      The recent presidential campaign vividly demonstrated that Vietnam is still very much an open wound on America's psyche, and I am convinced that we are inflicting another such wound today....40 years from now, our kids and grandkids will be arguing over the Iraq war, and the treatment of OIF vets...

      Where and when in VN?  I spent a bunch of time (all of it horizontal) at the 93rd Evac in 1970. One more time and they would have named a ward after me...heh

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