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View Diary: Ezra Klein To Replace Ed Schultz? (135 comments)

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    But now? I'm not so sure. I loved the show when it first started but, like Rachel,I think he has started to dial it back in the "Tell it like it is" department. Case in point, on Saturday's show, within the first five minutes he declared that Obama was a liberal President and that the Democrats would be soley responsible if and when the ACA were to fail.Now I know that the President is a good and decent man, but I wouldn't call him a liberal any more than Clinton was a liberal.Center right at best but certainly not liberal. And as far as the ACA goes, it was patterned after Republican legislation and even though the Republicans pissed and moaned and didn't publicly endorse it, they managed to include at least two hundred amendments to it as it was being written.Hayes had to know that both statements weren't accurate but he made them anyway.And as far as hearing from the other side? There is plenty of that on all of the other shows and on UP I find it distracting and a detriment to a factually based conversation. And to have to listen to the same old talking points from the other side? No thanks. I find myself watching less and less of the show as it morphs into something less than its early promise.

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