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  •  perhaps I am wrong (none)
    Yes I do know about Germany because I live here.  I am just pointing out, for the sake of argument, the three pillors of Fascism: corporate influence on the regime, autocratic government, and a belligerent nationalism.  I am NOT comparing to Nazis, in fact I am arguing against that hyperbole.  I think those three factors are evident in the US today and I think it bears watching.  The details of immigrants are irrelevant, as I noted, our "patriotism" is inclusive instead of the exclusivness of nationalism, therefore any fascistic tendencies will be inherently American in nature.

    "There must be some way out of here, said the Joker to the Thief" -Bob Dylan is my god

    by Jeffersonian Democrat on Sun May 22, 2005 at 09:40:29 AM PDT

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