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View Diary: 'Orca' vs 'Microtargeting' (22 comments)

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  •  Well, Who Did Code Orca Then? (0+ / 0-)

    Avanade told me today on Twitter that they were not involved in Orca. Nobody has bothered to ask. I did. They said no. I believe them.

    Meanwhile, Accenture isn't answering, and they are rumoured to have been on this job.

    Sean Gallagher on Ars Technica finally confirmed after three days that Targeted Victory did NOT have the job of coding Orca. However, he doesn't say who did, and he doesn't respond to the issue of why Al Gore's dev is on Romney's job. That is a legitimate question to ask. Why? Because Targeted Victory worked on Romney's social media campaign and other aps, including the failed VP notification ap -- failed because of content/time problems/leaks? or technology?

    Will Boykin has a good job and appears to be perfectly competent in this firm that has a number of prestigious clients.

    But it's perfectly fine to ask whether Obama voters will work for Romney with the requisite enthusiasm and care.  He is a very likely Obama voter.

    I'm not the one who invented identity politics or racialism in politics and the conviction that people have to vote inside their demographics. I just blog about it when it seems to affect the technology upon which half of America depended.

    Can Tech Writers Ever Report Frankly on Fellow Geeks?

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