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View Diary: The Ashley Judd v. Mitch McConnell Potential: The Biggest Obstacle (31 comments)

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  •  Example, local news FB comments after Obama win.. (0+ / 0-)

    You can gleam the local mood pretty well checking the comments here on this facebook thread, or especially in the comments to the post itself.

    •  Ashley might not win, this time (4+ / 0-)

      The other route taken by KY Democrats to attack the EPA and Obama and defend coal didn't work either.  Better to tell the truth about strip mining and coal pollution, offer alternatives (education, medical care as in Louisville, insurance firms, tourism, water transport), and talk about hard work to build up rather than hard work that tears down health and hope for a better future.  Not an easy route I'll grant.  I have coal stock (union mines, good safety record and pays good dividends), so this is definitely attacking my book, but we have to wean ourselves from a power source that will run out and is leaving behind a lot of damage.  KY needs to push for infrastructure such as a national smart power grid (it's centrally located so much could cross KY) and also why not put wind turbines on top of those stripped mountain tops, or the unstripped ones?  Also small hydro on many of those small streams running throughout KY.  If you have cheap power, you will get business.  If the coal is gone or can't be used without huge damage, it's the American way to think of other ways to get the job done.  I can't believe we Americans have gone from being can do to can't do.  Especially my hillbilly relatives.  They were once renowned for being inventors and innovators--I even saw "hillbilly armor" referenced to what the troops did in Iraq to their Humvees.  If Ashley drives forward with a positive message that calls on KY people to believe in themselves again, to invent the future and not insist on holding onto a vanishing past, they may not vote for it this time.  But they will remember it.  And they will turn to those who offered hope and a way out when, as will happen eventually anyway, the coal runs out or it becomes clear that using it is a form of environmental suicide.  

      America needs a UNION NEWS channel. We (unions) have the money, we have the talent. Don't buy 30 second time slots on corporate media, union leaders; fund your own cable news channel and tell the real story 24/7/365

      by monkeybrainpolitics on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 01:27:59 AM PST

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